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Chennai (Madras)

Holidays in Chennai (Madras)

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Chennai is the administrative centre of Tamil Nadu. Until 1996, the city was called English Maner Madras. It is located on flat ground and extends 13 kilometres along the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is the fourth largest city of India, one of the main ports and industrial hubs of the country. In ancient times, there lived and thrived the civilization of dravids. Chennai (Channai, Madras) was founded in 1639 as British forpost in the Peninsula, so in its architecture the influence of British colonial style was strong.

In the middle of Chen, St. George ' s fort has been set up and construction of the city began. The Government of Tamil Nadu now sits here, so no tour of the fort. We can visit a museum where the British colony's time exponents are gathered. The Church of the Virgin Mary is worth a while. It's the first English church built in India.

In Chennai, you can see another Christian investigation - the Cafedral Caucus of St. Thomas. This Catholic assembly was built in 1504, later in 1893, and reconstructed in neo-gotical style. The main sanctuaries of Chen are the temples of Kapalashwarar and Parthasarathi. The Kapalashwarar was built in honor of the Lord Shiva. Some of the inscriptions found here are dated 1250. This temple is an excellent example of the dramatic architecture. The walls of Kapalashwarara are based on Indian mythology. The Temple of Parthasarathi was built in the 8th century in honor of God Krishna. It's one of the oldest temples in India.

In the middle of town, along the coastline, there's a sand beach for Maria. So, apart from looking at the sights, you can go to sleep and swim.

The park of snakes is very popular among tourists, especially among children. There's a big reptile collection. There's a child park.

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