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Manila, the capital and the country ' s largest city, is located on the south-western coast of Luzon, on the shore of the same buoy. Tens of kilometers of Big Manila is a complex conglomerate of seven major satellite cities (especially Manila, Keson City, Passai, Kalokan, Mandalouyong, Makati and Pasig) and a dozen small, each with their zoning and distinct external character. After the worst bombing of 1945, almost the entire city was destroyed, but intensive construction has restored most local sights.

Manila Climate

Tropical climate is hot and wet, average annual temperature +26.5 C. In the Philippines, three seasons are allocated: Taginiti (or Tag-Araud) - local summer, hottest season of the year (from March to May), Tagulan - rainy season (June-November) and Tag-lamig - cold winter (December-February). From May to October, the islands have a South-West Musson habakat, and in November-April the dry winds of amihan.

Intramural - The old city (basined in 1571) lies south of the Pasig River and is famous for its colonial structures and numerous activities. There are many painting galleries, restaurants, museums.

Risal Park With planetarium, concert sites, orchid pavilion, butterflies and monuments to Filipino heroes, the Intramuros is separated from the " naturalist belt " of the Ermit area.

Area Ermit Most hotels in the capital, fashion restaurants. The Church of Maltese, the Alleys of Robinson Plais and the Harrison-Plaza area opposite the Memorial Station Risal. The National Museum of the Philippines and the National Museum of Filipinos are also located in Risal Park.

China Quarter Binondo It's been a long time since the Chinese. Nowadays, there are centers of business, jewelry stores and pharmacy. The Church of San Binondo, the Church of Kyapo (from where the famous January process in the name of the Black Nazareza), the region and vice-written Chinese cemetery, known by its mausoleums and squeals of a wide variety of architecture, deserves attention.

Macati District - Manila's financial center.

Gulf of Manila - the area. Here are the hotels,

shops, restaurants.

In Manila, a large number of nightclubs, discotheques, bars and adult entertainment facilities (especially known in the latest Rojas street in the Old City)

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