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Palavan Island

Holidays in Palavan Island

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The extremely south-west archipelago is located in Palavan Island, whose main attraction is the long network of caves connected by an eight-kilometre underground river. Together with the surrounding tropical forest cave complex (the last island of the untouched forest in the Philippines), the locality is part of the National Park Saint-Pols-Sabterranian-Riv.The pits of Palavan Island and the nearby tiny islands surrounded by clean ocean waters create excellent conditions for water entertainment.The beautiful sand beaches and the wealth of tropical fauna make this place attractive to recreational loins.

Klimat o Palavan

Tropical climate is hot and wet, average annual temperature +26.5 C. In the Philippines, three seasons are allocated: Taginiti (or Tag Arav) - local summer, the hottest season of the year (from March to May), Tagulan - rainy season (June-November) and Taglamig - cold winter (December-February). From May to October, the islands have a South-West Musson " habakat " and the dry winds of "amihan " in November-April.

+ 5 hours in winter + 4 hours in summer.

Gulf of Honda Bay - the perfect place for divinga and snorkeling. The boot is full of small islands with charming white beaches and luxury corals around them.

El Nido - A marine reserve located off the island of Palavan, combining a few small islands. The countless booths of the island, surrounded by clean ocean waters, create excellent conditions for underwater navigation and other recreational waters, while in dense forests there are more than 70 species of birds unique to Palavana alone. The Lagen and Minilock Islands have comfortable bungalows.

Pamalian Island is known not only by natural beauty, but also by the luxury Amanpulo complex.

Pearls can be purchased on Palavan, jewellery, coconut products and various local souvenirs.

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