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Ixtapa is one of the youngest and fastest-growing Mexican beach resorts. It's 230 kilometres from Acapulco. There are a lot of sandy beaches, separate bottles and single corners for romantic rest.

Tours in Ixtapa will be given a delicious beach rest.

Ixtapa chooses tourists who wish to rest on a gold beach, irradiated by opaque ocean waters. The most famous beaches of Mexican resort are Linda and La Ropa. It's usually a calm ocean, so the boots are good for swimming and water sports, including surfing and diving. Of particular interest is the deep-water immersion of coral reefs. This resort can also look at fishermen's fans. There are good tennis courts, golf-pole for people who prefer active rest in Ixtapa.

Ixtapa's resort offers luxury bottles of hotels, small cozy hotels and private hotels or bungalows.

Ixtapa, Mexico - a combination of luxury and untouched nature

Ixtapa's rest doesn't end with pearl beaches and warm ocean. The entire area of the resort is an inspired oasis, where fascinating tours can be carried out, trainings familiar with the life of the natural and animal world. For example, tourists can study the life of orles and crocodiles in natural habitats. In addition, travellers who have chosen tours in Ixtapa can participate in numerous programmes devoted to wildlife research. Such programmes are designed to preserve rare species of animals. For example, you can help marine turtles and other Mexican animals.

Being in Ikstapa, it is imperative to take guided tours to other cities and historical territories of Mexico. Most tourists choose the ancient city of Chichen-Izu, where Mexico ' s greatest pyramid is the Kukullkan. There's a lot of interesting historically important places.

After the study, the ruins are better.

It's going to be a sea trip to the Women's Island, where you're going to find the beautiful beauty of Mexico's nature.

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