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The Musandam peninsula is unique in its natural beauty and location. An exclave surrounded by OAE lands on the one hand and, on the other, by the famous Omuz Strait, the former pirate mechanics, which called the East India Company in the sixteenth century as the " Pirate Bank " . Today, this wonderful peninsula is known as the Arabian Norway, the great coastal rocks form here the labyrinth of the primordial bays that resemble the Scandinavian fjords. The fantastic beauty of the secluded booth, the transparent seabird, many caves and caves, mountain ridges and peaks hiding in the clouds, old fortresses and mosques, the landscapes of Musandama are striking with their glory. But in addition to the unusual beauty, this Omani resort is manitating tourists with great opportunities for unforgettable diving, fishing, water sports and alpineism.


Temperature of air in the area of the Musandam peninsula from October to April 28-29 °C, water from 24 to 25 °C.

When it's better to go

The best time to travel to Musandam is October to April.


Musandam is the extreme north-east end of the Arabian peninsula. The Polystrov and the Single Governorate (Mukafaz) are an exclave separated from the rest of Oman by the UAE territory, covering 1,800 km2. Musandam has an important strategic position, as the Omuz Strait is being overwhelmed. The main top of the peninsula is Mount Jebel Harim, 2087m high. In the east, the waters of the Gulf of Oman are washed. Musandam is divided into four Vilayet centres in towns: Hasab, 480 kilometres from the capital of Oman, Maskata, is the main city of the governorate, Buha, Dabba al-Baya and Matha.


The Musandam peninsula offers great opportunities for water sports, including amazing diving, sailing, Windserfing. The Omus Strait is a real paradise for the divine lovers, there is a rich underwater world, coral reefs are amazing beauty, mysterious submarine caves. Also, Musandam is a great place for fishermen, because for locals, it's one of the main occupations: in the waters of the Strait, you can catch a variety of fish, from small sardines that swim in the sea.

The beach itself, the tunas and the royal fish. One of the unforgettable impressions during the Musandam rest is the sea walks on the traditional Arab boat dow (dhow) on the furious labyrinths blinking between the rocks. During these walks, it is possible to look at dolphins floating behind the vessel, a calm sea smooth, a magnificent coastal strip and ancient attachments. It's especially amazing to walk around at night. The peaks of the peninsula and the majesty peaks of 2,000 metres are a loving place for alpinists.


Each of Musandam Vilayates offers its products in accordance with various crafts that are common to different regions. For example, in Hasab, traditional weapons are manufactured (Jarz), glymous dishes, palm leaf products, Dibbayet is famous for iron and textile products, and in Matha province, palm zinov can be purchased and handicrafts can be made.

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