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Rest on Goa is a great opportunity to visit one of the most wonderful and popular parts of the western coast of India, which is not exactly the same as the rest of the country. Goa is one of India ' s lowest states, but the resort will offer all the necessary comfort and unforgoing rest. The capital of the resort, the city of Panagji, is not much like the megapolis, it's a small port town with narrow layers and lots of balconies, a white church and many restaurants and bars.

Not only tourists, but also whistle-blowers. Purchasing tours for the GPA, it will be possible to fill the harderob with interesting and unusual garderob items with unique hand-work jewels, and gold and precious stones can be purchased.

There were hotels in South Goa that were considered expensive, and North Goa had a noise and democratic Kurort atmosphere, and tours were sold at a lower price. All the beaches belong to the State because they're free. Virtually all beach beds and umbrellas belong to beach restaurants and bars. It is sufficient to make a small order in a restaurant and to use them unhindered.

Tours on Goa are unforgettable beach rest.

The perfect place for beach rest is South Goa. Here, the unique natural beaches with white sand are swamped by the mashed palms and tropical plants, the best in the Indostan. The National Reserve of Cotigao was located in the south. Every year, he attracts tourists with his calm beauty, natural and diverse fauna. In the Reserve, we can watch the rarest animals and birds in their natural habitats.

The city of Margao is considered an informal capital of Southern Goa, its main virtue is the old church of the Holy Spirit, built in 1675. Many travelers from all over the world choose tour Goa from Kiev to visit the beach by Palol and the cave of Pandaua, near the cave, the chapel of Saint Sebastian is located.

The hotels in the South are quite expensive, because there are mostly strong tourists from around the world.

South Goa is actively and rapidly developing: hotels and shops, clubs and restaurants, recreational places, parks and accessories are intensively constructed.

North Goa is the absolute opposite of South, and tourists come here because of lower costs of recreation and entertainment. The local beaches are very popular - tourists come here looking for no profitable residence, choosing a fun night. There's a lot of sights here, besides the incredible miracle of nature, red water lilies.

The night market of the Arkora, where souvenirs and specials can be purchased, the Mandovi River, where river dolphins and other jumpers can be found in salt waters. On the beachs of North Goa, everyone will find fun in the shower. For tourists, there are many unforgettable nights, especially fun and loud holidays. For amateurs of water sports, we should visit the Kalanguth beach, where the school and the diving stations are located.

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