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Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur - the largest megapolis, He drowns in green and colours, where the fine modern skyscreams are in harmony In ancient Asian culture. The city's architecture is diverse and multi-faceted. Here. You can see modern high-rise buildings near the oldest buildings in the world. various architectural styles: Arab, colonial, local. Kuala - Lumpur - it's a garden town. In the middle of the city, along with the stone jungle. There is no difficulty in finding comfort places where nature prevails.


Lake garden♪ A huge park, including reindeer, bird and butterfly parks, and Sad Orchids where about 3,000 species of these plants are grown from all over the world peace.

Masjid Jamek - The oldest mosque In town, standing where the first settlers built their cabins, the founding of Kuala Lumpur. The dream is different from its own architecture: built in Indian style, with large bulbs and exquisite domes Aerotic colonies.

Petronas Twin Towers - The tallest skyscraper in the world (452 metres). The unusual image of the building reflects the tradition. Malian national architecture.

Istan Negar's Palace - King ' s residence Malaysia Young Di Pertuan Agonga. There's a great park around the palace.

National Museum - has an excellent one. collection of local artists, as well as people ' s fisheries, costumes, weapons, old-fashioned items. One of the museum's departments is dedicated to the animal. and the plant peace of Malaysia.

Have fun. - Night life is very live. Multiple nightclubs, cabars, bars and discotheques.

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