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Blue Mountains

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Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains) are one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and Australia. They are believed to have been named because of the sniffing blue smoke. This effect gives oil to countless eucaliptic trees. It should be said that, since the Ekalipts were common in Australia, other mountains could have been named. However, today, under the name of Blue Mountains, we know these.

From the forest hills, there's a fascinating view of the valleys and rocks, where a traveller can take a simple walk on the forest, enjoying the environment, or make real adventures.

More than three million people attend the national park every year. For some, this place is just an admirable landscape that can be seen forever. Three Sisters' scall is very popular. But for most fearless travelers, it's paradise: upper valley drive, rock climbing, walking with survival lessons in the bush and throwing into the cave of Canangra Park (Kanangra) is only a small part of what the Blue Mountains offer.

The blue mountains occupy 1 million hectares. Many kilometers were scattered and difficult canyons intersected by the valleys and crystal-clear streams. A number of companies and accredited hyde parks will help to secure a shower for a person of any age and with any level of training, without forgetting the preservation of such a beautiful and fragile nature of the park.

The climatic in the Blue Mountains is quite moderate. The average winter temperature (June, July, August) in the highlands is about 5 degrees, summer (December, January and February) around 18. Below, 16 and 29 degrees in winter and summer, respectively. The rain falls on average with the same frequency as Sydney. Snow, according to statistics, is about 5 days a year high and virtually non-existent in the lower territories, although it is often covered differently in the mornings.

Kiev time plus 7 summer or plus 9 hours in winter.

In Blue Mountains, it is worth drawing attention to shops selling Australian goods (dragences, antiquities, wood products, clothing from the finest sheep of Australian sheep) - they are best retained.

memories of going to this great place. Three Sisters, for example, has a new trading centre, the Sisters Plaza, with a large variety of products, and Jewel Blue Mountains Gallery will offer jewels from gold, silver and precious stones.

In the Blue Mountains, so-called Markets are regularly held, with low-cost, very interesting items, most often manual work. Most of the Markets are on the first Saturday of the month, but they are in the second and third.

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