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Founded in 1829 in the Swan Valley, Pert has become South Australia ' s capital over time and remains in status. The city was the best in Australia to be one of the most active tourist and business centres. Here you will find the great weather and sunny beaches, painting natural reserves and recreation parks, multiple boutiques and better restaurants.

The city has something to show you. It is possible to walk for hours at his junctures and passes and to sit on a bus (which, by the way, is free in some zones) and examine the capital from his window. From the voyage deck, you'll be looking at built-in and green parks. The heart of the city is Central Business District. At the same time, some of the oldest historical buildings can be found among modern business centres, skyscrapers and hotels.

South Australia is rich in its vineyard traditions. The best local wine can be tasted like Perth's restaurants, the Tarr and the Swan Valley to the famous vineyards, where one of the best Australian wines is being produced by Margaret River near the city.

In September, horbon and south whales are gathered off the Perta coast, and this is an excellent opportunity to observe these huge marine mlécopics.

Climat Perth is very much like Mediterranean with his hot summer and moderate winter. Summer months (December to February) are hot and dry, while winter (June to August) is colder between 8 and 18 degrees. In summer, the average temperature fluctuates between 18 and 29 degrees, but with the wind from the coast known as Fremantle Doctor (Fremantle) the heat is much easier.

Moscow time plus six hours in winter time and four hours in summertime.

As much interest as Perth deserves Freemantle, the capital city satellite. Freemantle is more than just a live port. Walk around his corners, take a picture of the beautifully preserved historical buildings, try the sea dishes at local restaurants or rest at a concert at the Arts Center. Walk around in the city's history at his museum or on a tour with an ex-con.

Like Perth, Freemantle is a popular tourist center, so there's a lack of capacity.

There are no bottles, galleries and souvenir salons. It'll take one day to go to the city, but if you want, you can stay longer.

When the rainy night comes down, their doors open restaurants, clubs and bars. Look at one of the unusual art bars or pubs, the Andegraund Club or the fashion discotheque.

The most popular night centre is Northbridge (Northbridge), where perhaps the largest concentration of clubs and bars in the city. In the West Perth area, there are Steel Onyx and Black Tom's, where we can spend the evening ordering oysters and a bottle of champagne.

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