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Elite tours in French Polynesia from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

Tours to French Polynesia? It's a multi-faceted, unforgettable, elite vacation for the chosen. The islands were caused by volcanic eruptions. More than one hundred luxury and painting islands were located in five archipelagos. The most popular class awards are the Archipelago of the Society and Tuamot.

Polynesian waters have a luxury, lively underwater world. That's why diving fans gather here every year. You can enjoy the beauty and wealth of the underwater landscape. If you're going to the French Polynesia tour, don't forget to take a mask, laste and, of course, an effluence camera to keep the brightest moments of vacation.

French Polynesia? These are islands that veil the Pacific Ocean. It's a very pleasant tropical climate, summer's a round year. Although the prices of tours in Polynesia are high, there are always many tourists from around the world. The average air temperature is 27-30 degrees. Water in the ocean is always warm and transparent. Papeete's capital is on the island. Taiti♪ This is where tourists from Ukraine and other countries land at the main airport. Local people speak French and Italian. English is common in tourist places, hotels, shops, so Ukrainians can easily find common language with local residents. It's gonna be enough minimum English knowledge. The local health system is very developed, so you don't have to do vaccinations and worry about possible risks of disease in another country.

YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge is an expert of elite recreation. If you're going to visit French Polynesia, it's the only way we can get you the most prestigious tour that's gonna get you into the luxury apartments, the highest service and the best painting places, the beaches, the entertainment. Tour prices are always individual and dependent on the wishes of our clients. Come to our office, which works in Kiev and our managers will provide you with all the information about the elite vacation in French Polynesia. Also, we can discuss all the questions on the phone, remotely, so as far as possible.

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Recreation in French Polynesia

One of the most popular entertainment in the French Polynesia tour is shark feeding. Besides, here you can swim with good dolphins, eating and inspiring the alien energy of these incredible creatures.

The main things you're gonna need on this vacation? In breaks between the fairy beach, you can go on a tour on French Polynesia. This journey will bring many positive emotions. On Taiti, you can see the huge plantations of tiara flowers that create oil to strengthen and mitigate tanium. This soulful plant is a symbol of French Polynesia.

In Polynesia, you will always be able to enjoy an unusual national kitchen. You'll get a table right in the coconut trees, and if you want, you'll be able to tell the exciting legends and history of the Polynesian Islands. The facilities will be prepared right in front of your eyes, in the ground oven.

There's gonna be a lot of fun for music and dancers. The locals of French Polynesia would be happy to teach you to dance on the taiskis, as well as to show the fascinating show-ups saturated by the national collor.

It's possible to fly on a helicopter, watch the dry volcanoes, go to the exotic fisherman or walk on the canoe, swim in a boat with a transparent smoke, enjoy the sand underwater.

There's a unique pearl museum in the middle of the city of Papéet. It was opened by Robert Van, who was the largest world producer and exporter of the black pearl. In this museum, you can not only enjoy the jewelry of the pearls, but also acquire the desired articles.

Tour on French Polynesia leaves many unforgettable emotions and impressions. You can enjoy all the advantages of a prestigious summer rest. Here, you will forget the problems, the experiences and the heart and soul of inspiration, energy and optimism that will help you and the new forces to return to the normal rhythm of life.

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