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Amazing, fabulous and mysterious is all of Montenegro, which can be said a lot, but it's best to be there once and fall in love with its architecture, kitchen, hospitality and nature - valleys, mountains, hills, green vegetation.

Tours to Montenegro is a journey to a magic country.

Montenegro attracts tourists not only to rest on luxury beaches but also a rich history. Every town of Montenegro is overcrowded by historical monuments and sights. For example, on one of the islands, sailors once found the icon of God's mother, and in honor of that miracle, the temple was erected.

Tours in Montenegro often assume active rest. The country ' s unique nature is encouraging tourist tracks, cyclings.

Many tourists choose tour in Montenegro from Ukraine to visit the natural reserves of this remarkable country. Here, tourists can get into the atmosphere of mental harmony and calm. There is also a great demand for guided tours in Montenegro.

One of the many benefits of rest in Montenegro is an acceptable price. During rest in Montenegro, good prices and good impressions can be expected. There are no difficulties with booking tours in Montenegro from Kiev, as most hotels in Montenegro offer high-quality rest and unpredictable services.

What resorts do tourists choose to rest in Montenegro?

In recent years, vacations in Montenegro from Kiev have been very popular. Tour prices in Montenegro this year are not higher, and sometimes even lower, than those of other countries.

  • In Montenegro ' s tours, the most demanding is travel Boodwoo. This city is considered a cultural centre of the country, as the most extensive theatre and musical events take place.
  • The towns are near Budva Bechi and Rafailović, They're perfect for rest with children in Montenegro.
  • Saint Stefan - It's the most expensive and fabulous island resort to popularity among world celebrities. St. Stefan (Montenegro) summers are particularly popular. This small, isolated island is connected to the shore of a narrow beetle. There are hotel buildings with a medieval facade, and inside they are modern numbers and apartments.
  • Petrovac - a painting small town that would be great for a romantic journey to the people who took a trip to Montenegro for two.
  • Age - a quiet and hospitality city located in the depth of the Kotor Buchta (Boki Koska). The city's settled on the coast, where narrow sludges with small houses go to the mountain. There are cars only on the coast and on the road above the city.
  • Kols - Small resort town, perfect place for active rest in Montenegro and winter sports. This town was called Air SPA for its entire climate.
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