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It is a cozy tourist city surrounded by mountain ridges on the one hand and waters of the Adriatic Sea on the other. There's a town in a cozy booth, and it can be a long story.

What's the attractive tour?

The old Grad is not only the centre of the resort, but also its main attraction, which is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is a system by which it is built. Don't be surprised if you're lost because who is a real labyrinth in which sometimes people can't find the right way. The rule is, during a walk around town, don't let St Trifon out of sight.

The buoy is the deepest ferrodo-like booth of natural origin in the Adriatic Sea. Festival of arts, child theatre festivals, international summer carnival and many others are regularly held on the coast.

The old city is surrounded by well-established, secure walls, which are not similar in the world. Some of them were built back in the time of the Visantian period, but most dates from 16 to 18 centuries.

Rest in which is the immersion in the middle century with his culture, traditions and incredible legends.

It's a real pleasure to take a walk on the vizantine narrow lanes and a nice vacation in one of the nice restaurants in the city.

Among the fascinations, there is popularity in the mountains of San Jovanni, the walks on modern boats and the different kinds of games on water.

Tours in which it is a great opportunity to enjoy a full-fledged vacation, surrounded by a cozy, hospitality and abundant atmosphere.

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