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Sveti Stefan

Holidays in Saint Stefan.

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Saint Stefan is an island that is only 500 metres from the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.

What's the attractive tour on St. Stefan?

It's not an island, it's a land area where one full hotel is located. More than 100 old houses have been converted into luxury hotels and apartments. Thanks to its vigour, the settlement was able to preserve the medieval interiors as well as the sorority and spirit of that time.

Apart from the stunning hotels, nice restaurants and bars are welcome. There are also a number of basins on the island, excellent opportunities for water sports, scrolling routes for sea walks, and paint areas for diving.

Saint Stefan serves as an excellent starting point for interesting tours, both in the dark corners of Montenegro and in countries such as Albania, Italy and Croatia. The village of Milocher, which is famous for the park and the royal beach, is one of the best in Europe.

Rest on St. Stefan will give many positive emotions and great impressions to all family members, regardless of age and preference.

The main terrain is the medieval monastery of Praskavic, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The region is also known by painting mountain ridges, which reach 2,000 metres above sea level.

St. Stefan's tour is a great opportunity to meet not only individual parts of the country, but to travel to a neighbouring State.

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