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Holidays in Bangalore

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Bangalore is India ' s fifth largest city called Indian Silicon Valley, one of India ' s most modern cities.

Half a century ago, there was a small village where the future King of the Vijayanagar Empire almost died from hunger. Only thanks to a good woman who fed him with a cold beans, the great Kempegovda, this place is Bendakaalooru, which means, in the local language of the cannad, benda kaalu (varied beansol), ooru (poor).

From 1537, the story of Bengaluru or Bangalore begins to be counted as English. The deadly whole climate, countless gardens and lakes, as well as the original architecture of many modern buildings, made this city an attractive place for tourism. The Gorodom Sada-- they call its local residents and claim that Bangalore is the most beautiful city in the world.

In the middle of Bangalore, there was a painting lake of Ulsur. Cruises on his many small islands are one of the favorite tourist attractions.

Population 6.979 million.

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