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Holidays in Granade

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Granada is a meeting place for Arab and Christian cultures, as well as one of Spain ' s most beautiful and tourist cities. The resort drowns in a beautiful architecture and is seduced by the spirit of historical virtues.

What's the attractive tour of Granada?

Algambra, or what else is called the Red Fortress, is Granada ' s main asset and card. It's the only building that's been maintained since the mavres. In order to be in love with the magnificent garden, the amazing fountains and the many pools should go to the palace of the Sultans, Sierra Nevada. The cafeteria, the wall and the monastery of Kartuh are also interesting for the visit.

Granada's speciality is a huge number of orange trees, but they only play a decoration role, because their fruit is not delicious. Granada is rich in temples, the most important of which are the Abbatism of Sacromont and the Church of St. Sunday. We should also visit the old university, the Bermajes tower, St. Juan's base and the Elvira gate.

Rest in Granada is a great opportunity to learn Flamenco and to enjoy health procedures in the SPA-Salons and the Hammams.

Granada is a homeland for Gabriel Garcia Lorki. It's good to spend time on the old farm of Uerta de San Vincent, where Lorca created some of his masterpieces.

Granada is enriched by the Arab spirit and one of the streets of the city can enjoy traditional Arab dishes, tea and desserts. The tourists ' favorite place of recreation is the Arab bills, which today constitute a modern and well-equipped SPA Centre.

The tours in Granada are the Corridor, Flamenco, and the intrinsic wine in the same flank.

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