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The islands of Fuerteventura are considered the oldest island of the Canary Archipelago and were created by the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The tourists often call it the island of sun and tranquillity.

What's the attractive tour on Furteventur Island?

The Fuerteventura is glossed around the world with great spaces for surf and a peaceful family vacation. There's no large number of nightclubs, and the focus is on quiet and calm time.

There are several resorts on the island, the main of which are Costa Calma, Playa-Matorral, Playa de Corralejo, and Caleta del Fustes. The longest beach of Fuerteventura is Sotavento, 30 kilometres. Amateurs of submarine float and deep sea fishermen come here. In fact, there's a Windserfing World Cup every year.

The island ' s most popular inhabitants are hand burunduks, and the tourists ' favourite is their feeding. The island produces the finest mahorato cheese, and the traditional dish is the Cartophel in the Mundir.

Rest on the island of Fuerteventur is a great opportunity to rest from the fuss, a large number of tourists and noise cities.

One of the main features of the island is the Museum of Miguel de Unamuno, the Betancouria Museum, which can learn a lot about the lives of Aboriginals, the old mill and the Soli Museum.

The main symbols of Fuerteventura are sheep and mills. The latter symbolize prosperity and wealth. Also interesting to visit will be a cave depth of 400 metres. It was created by volcanic activity at least 1,000,000 years ago.

Tours on the island of Fuerteventura are the immersion of silence, calm and appeasement, which allows for full recreation in close circles.

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