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The North of the Red Sea is decorating the southernest city of Israel, Eilat. An amazing combination of deserts and shining full-blown life on the coast. The year round is sunshine, and water temperatures at sea because of depth and submarine currents are almost unchanged (+24o C +21o C). Thousands of tourists go to the Eilat submarine observatory, where, not "help," you can see a natural aquarium in the center of the coral reef. You can swim with a masque and aqualan, ride a motor boat and yacht, do all kinds of water sports, including a parachute over a boat. In the dolphinary, you can swim with the dolphins. Eilat can travel through the desert: jeeps, tractors (4-wheeled motorcycle), camels, donkeys and horses. Eilat is bordering Jordan and Egypt, using the proximity of neighbouring countries, a fascinating tour of Petru (Jordan), Sinai and Santa Catarina (Egypt) can be conducted.

You can come here in winter to light under the hot sun and swim in the warm sea. There are many hotels in the resort area designed for guests with different needs.

Several Eilat hotels are huge and modern hotel complexes, with several restaurants and bars working on the " All On " system. These hotels have spa centres, conference rooms, swimming pools and children ' s clubs (the truth, Russian-speaking animation in Israel is rare). But some of the accommodation options are very simple, only a room is offered, even without breakfast, and all the entertainment can be found on its own. There are hotels in Eilat built in Thai style, tropical park style, or in the East Palace style.

Eilat's own story goes deep. All trade in the Middle East in far-reaching biblical times took place through the port of that city, whose ancient ruins were found during excavations along the border with Jordan, by that Arab country. The Akkaba Bay, long and wide, has a length of about 5 km in the Eilat area. It's the northernest point in our hemisphere, where wonderful coral gardens grow.

The corals of the Red Sea are striking by their diversity. This living wall of ancient plants serves as a home.

A large number of fish, shellfish and other marine inhabitants. For centuries, coral reefs surround the vein of dead plants and the living coral bands provide habitats for many species of marine animals and fish. The feature of the reefs in Eilat is their close position from the shore. So if you like to swim in a mask or do a diving job, it's not gonna be hard for you to find interesting places. Since 1966, Eilat and his corals have been declared a protected natural zone, reefs are protected by law, and Eilat has developed as an international resort.

The rest of Eilat will introduce you not only to reefs, but also to some other natural beauty. This is, for example, the famous cops of the king of Solomon in Timna's Reserve, or articles from the Eilat Stone. Or if you like animals, you can go to the biblical fauna park, the only one in your kind, and also visit an international ornithological centre. If you're going to rest with the kids, they're gonna love a visit to a submarine observatory where you can look around all the beauty of the underwater kingdom. The same sea depths can be seen during the immersion of a special submarine.

On Eilat's beach, you're invited to use water sports, water skis and speed boats. Sea walks under the sun and under the stars may also be very romantic entertainment.

It is convenient for Eilat to take a one-day tour to the Dead Sea, and it is possible to visit Jerusalem with its eternal sanctuaries of the three religions. The north of the country will be less accessible to you if you choose tour Eilat. But at the same time, you'll be able to spend your vacation, to share with the marine environment and to look through the glass of masks the rarest corals and small, colorful fish. And at night, nice local restaurants and fun discotheques won't let you miss.

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