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There must be no more mystery country than Israel. There are many legends, stories, assignments. Already, the fact that the Savior came to the world here can't help buttress the minds of torture. But even for those who are interested exclusively in vacations, tours to Israel will give many unforgettable minutes. It's hard to mention in one article what you're expecting in this unique corner of the world, because this country deserves to write a separate book.

Turks to Israel

There are four seas in the country: the famous Dead, Mediterranean, Galilee and Red.

Red is unique because it doesn't take the waters of any river, which means the water in it is always scrupulously transparent and clean without the impurities of the ila. If you're interested in the diving, it's the rest of Israel that starts with his wave. There's a famous resort on the coast, Eilat, that I'm familiar with anyone who's never been here.

Furthermore, what is the rest of Israel without visiting the Dead Sea, which is a unique world health? Only a list of diseases where it is recommended to be visited with mandatory dirt will take up one page.

Let's just say, it's also skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis) and a sliding machine disease, immunity, etc. This is also the perfect place for restoring women ' s health, and many are buying tours to Israel for this reason. Now let's give a little more details about the sights that you need to see.


You shouldn't put them in a boring language like history books. Perhaps the best way to see miracles with your eyes. By throwing tour to Israel from Kiev, ask the tour operator to visit. I'm sure you'll be answered by Jerusalem. In fact, the whole city is one of the great virtues, as it is supposed to be, "Museum in the open sky." How can I not visit the famous Stan Plach, the Temple of God's Coffee, the Gather of St. Jacob and the Dome of Rock?

And the Golan Heights will strike you with their greatness and abundance of monuments, preserves. You can just stand there and be enchanted by a beautiful view around here.

For those who like not only to go down to the sea depths, but to climb up the mountains, you're going to have to go up to the highest point - Mount Hermon.

Shipping in Israel

It is remarkable that this small country contains the sororority of the world. The East and the West have come together and there are no traditions and dialects. This could not have affected trade. What is it? It's probably in some eastern bazaar where you're going to enjoy not only the price, but the attitude to the buyer.

Buy electronics and household equipment here, of course, but jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, on the other hand, is very beneficial.

In general, with regard to rest in Israel, prices are not the highest in comparison with, for example, the European continent. But the ability to trade is welcome! Even if you don't know how to do it or you're shy, in Israel it'll seem natural to you, you'll see!

Rest in Israel from Ukraine

Not surprisingly, not only our people, but many Europeans and Americans are so obsessed with ideas.

Come here for once in my life. And that's understandable, even when you've been here alone, you've had enough memories... no, not for long, but for life! Unfortunate rest in Israel from Ukraine is so interested in many of our compatriots. But the situation doesn't change over a year.

Many people choose hastronomical tourism because it is believed that there is nothing better than a fluffel, an Israeli creativity cake, a shuffle, a humus and a Zfat cheese.

So how do you not remember the saying that it's better to see one time than to hear a hundred beautiful stories? Go to Earth the Promised and you want to come back here again and again!

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