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The Hague

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The Hague is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and the third largest. The city is home to the royal palace, government and parliament. However, the most important asset of the city is the Peace Palace, where meetings of the International Court of Justice are held.

The Hague is a more calm and sizeable city, much quieter than Amsterdam. The city is filled with beautiful buildings of the 17th and 18th century, representing the guests of the beauty of the Renssance and bar architecture. However, modern structures, such as the city ' s Mary or the Central Library, are also being developed on sufficiently simple streets. In the city, you will find many museums and art galleries.

What's the interest of the tours in The Hague?

The beautiful palace complex of Binnenhof has been placed in the heart of The Hague on the shore of Lake Hofwijver, where parliamentary meetings are taking place. There is a famous Peace Palace in the Karnegi Square where meetings of the United Nations International Court of Justice are held, a beautiful building surrounded by a painting landscape park.

In planning for recreation in The Hague, it is worth visiting the Louvmann Automobile Museum with 240 rockets, the Royal Art Gallery of Mauricejoys, which was built in 1641, the Museum of Escher, the building of the Lange Voorhaut Palace, which was once used as the winter residence of the Queen.

The Museum, which represents the museum of science and culture, will also be interesting. There are exhibits on history, geology, biology, archaeology and ethnology. The Municipal Museum and Voorhaut Street are also among the sights to be visited in The Hague.

Tours in The Hague from Ukraine will also like beach recreation.

One of the regions of The Hague is Scheveningen, a coastal area considered to be one of the best maritime resorts in the Netherlands. The city ' s guests will have a variety of hotels, many restaurants whose distinctive features are the diversity of the menu and delicates.

It's not just a beach to be burned and bathed, it's a great condition for the Windserfing and the casting. The area is also rich in museums and exhibitions, including the Scheveningen Museum, where a large number of people are represented

Exposure of terrestrial development from a fishing tree to a modern resort, as well as meeting with local submarine inhabitants.

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