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Victoria, British Columbia

Holidays in Victoria, British Columbia

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On the shores of the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, surrounded by dense green forests and parks and protected by the streets of the Olympik peninsula, Victoria, the capital of the Canadian state of British Columbia, has settled. Here, thanks to the mild and warm Mediterranean climate, the blooming of rabbits, narciss, tulips and hyacintes begins in February, and numerous kettles float to the very bank of the island. The history of the city begins in the spring of 1778, when Captain James Cook stepped on the land of the state of British Columbia, then in 1843 the British conquers will eclipse Victoria ' s fort named after the ruling British Queen, and finally, in 1862, Victoria became the capital of the state.

The city ' s architectural and external features re-establish the atmosphere of old England, which is also reflected in Victoria ' s tradition of compulsory post-abortion teapot, red double-deck London buses, typical English shops and pubs. Victoria ' s great climate and location offers a vast range of sports during the year, while sandy beaches, magnificent parks, comfortable hotels, diverse historical and cultural virtues attract tourists from all over the world. Victoria is a city that is amazing in beauty and rich historical traditions, the real pearl of the beautiful Vancouver Island.

Victoria is known for its softest Mediterranean climate in Canada. The rainy seasons are virtually non-existent, and the rainy seasons are autumn and winter, for which two thirds of the 608 mm annual rainfall occurs; winter snow is virtually non-existent.

The time difference is less than 11 hours and from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October is less than 12 hours.

Victoria is a fairly safe city, but, as in all major cities, care must be taken in places of large accumulation.

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