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Turkey to Croatia class Award from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

Croatia is one of the most beautiful, painting countries in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists come from all corners of the world to enjoy the pervasive beauty of nature, landscapes of nature, mountain landscapes, clean seas, rich cultural wealth, special aromatic air, a magnificent atmosphere and a wealthy cultural heritage. There's a way to combine a gorgeous beach with a tour program. The tourists are waiting for the perfect clean layers, the developed infrastructure, the combination of ancient and new technologies.

Croatia was on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. As part of your vacation to Croatia, you will bring a whole collection of unrepetitive, bright photographs. Despite its small size, the country is very rich in natural and architectural virtues. The prices of rest in Croatia are high, but they are absolutely justified, because you will be comfortable, cozy and inspired throughout the rest.

If you decided to go tour to Croatia, then prepare yourself for the beautiful sea coast, the cozy islands and the transparent waves of the Adriatic Sea. Nature admires its buoyancy, and the collection of great virtues and wealth of history admires and fills soul with new paints. You're being captured by dense forests, parks, locks.

Croatia often comes for thermal sources, where it's not easy to rest, but also to recover. Many of Croatia ' s national parks are protected by the State. Local people are very shored and reading their culture and wealth of their nature.

For tourists who wish to enjoy the beach rest with the painting horizons, Croatia will be the perfect place. Nature in these parts is truly unique. Gust beaches, boiled forests, fair mountains and serpentine roads. Rest in Croatia is considered absolutely green. All beaches, roads, environs are very similar and hidden, sea waters are crystal clear, and the number of luxury hotels villa is striking. Everyone here can find something unique and inexorable.

Tours in Croatia will be the perfect panacea for fatigue and depression, help reboot and inspir. Rest in Croatia can charge you.

Unbelievable emotions and optimism. Family couples with children come here often to rest at sea in an atmosphere of beauty, cohabitation and increased comfort.

YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge? We've been working with VIP clients for over 10 years and helping to meet the highest standards of perfect rest. We know the best resorts and the most beautiful places anywhere in the world you wish to go. We find a separate approach, based on preferences, wishes and choice of tour to Croatia, or any other country or city, one of which will be a route to the Rai places for you.

You can rent a car and go study the country. Such a trip would be an unforgettable journey for a love couple or a company of friends.

We're working with the audited tour operators and the owners of the best hotels, the world villa. Looking at us, you can be sure that we will take care of all the nuances - a comfortable flight from Kiev (or another airport of Ukraine).

If you want to buy a tour to Croatia or you want to know how much it costs to this country, you can consult our managers who will provide relevant information on pricing (how the cost of the tour is created and the price depends on). We have a lot of unique and advantageous offers, we are prepared to fulfil your dreams of a perfect vacation.

A good tour? Sometimes you can spend a lot of hours, days or weeks looking for something unique and appropriate for you. We save our clients' time. Because by listening to their wishes, we already know where and what to look for, not only to live up to expectations, but to surpass them. We provide our clients with competent advice, search and selection of tours to Croatia, establishment of a tourist supply, information support. We're booking tickets, taking care of a comfortable flight from Ukraine (Kiev and other cities), a transfer and settlement in luxury apartments. Our clients are always at the highest level.

Croatia ' s best resorts

  • Shibenik♪ The humming part of the adriatic coast that was located in the North Dalmation Region. Tours
They are popular among the conservatives of privacy and reunion with nature. The unique features of this resort are the most beautiful nature, the developed tourism infrastructure. The resort is popular from May to September. There are three National Parks, so the great beach rest can be rotated with walks in parks and guided tours in Croatia. Families with children come here often to spend a calm, skilled rest on the sea, no fuss and unnecessary paphos.
  • Dubrovnik♪ One of Croatia's most popular resorts where elite hotels are located, luxury boats, great restaurants. There's a beautiful nature and a lot of sights and beautiful places for recreation and entertainment. The Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO list. Dogs are mostly greedy or stoney. There are nice neighborhoods here for a quiet family vacation. Young people and partyers aren't bored either, because there are bars and nightclubs here.
  • Ostrov Branch♪ Recreation prices on this island are high, because the safest beaches of Croatia are located here. The island has luxury olive plantations, vineyards, bars, shops and great villas and hotels.
  • Hv♪ This island is an amicable place of divers, because it is here that there is a beautiful school to study the underwater world. There's a luxury, soft climate and aromatic air on the island, because there's a plantation of lavanda and rosemary. It's very cozy here. The rest of this resort is for people who want to recharge, relax, inspire.
  • Corchula. This island is one of Croatia ' s most popular, prestigious resorts. Virtually the whole island is covered with basic trees. The fields are very cozy (gallery and sand). Since grapes, figs, olives are being raised on the island, all of this can be purchased at affordable prices in the local market, as well as local wines in cozy restaurants.
  • To see in Croatia

    • Amphitheater Pula. One of Croatia ' s most famous virtues in the city of Pul. It was built in the first century of our era and kept until today. It is this Amphitheatre that is the single largest in the world.
    He occupies an honourable sixth place and is famous for his dimensions and greatness. There were about 20 thousand people gathered here during the mature fights. The uniqueness of this place is the fact that even at this time concerts and mature events take place. The amphitheater continues to perform its function, despite the fact that it has been built for a long time. Every summer, there's an exemplary battle of gladiators who are very popular among tourists.
  • Diocletian's Palace. A small but very beautiful architectural monument in Split, which has been maintained since the Holy Roman Empire. The building is marked by a famous white stone (which, by the way, is the White House in Washington).
  • Princess Palace in Dubrovnik. The remarkable beauty of Croatia, which was laid in Dubrovnik. The door is built in a chotic style. It was built in the 15th century, as a working residence for the Princess selected among the members of the Republican administration. It was in this palace that there were keys to the city that was locked up at night. In the courtyard, tourists can see the only public monument in the city.
  • Plitwick lakes. One of the most beautiful places for the tour. Magnificent nature, water giggle, crystal clear lakes, bird singing, clean air and beauty in every centimetre you can't see. This place makes the incredible energy of beauty and happiness. There are 16 lakes at different altitudes. The atmosphere is very cozy, and it seems that everyone here can find his peace and anguish.
  • The Ascension of the Virgin Mary in Dubrovnik. This beautiful majesty cathedral in Dubrovnik. The assembly was built between the 6th and 8th century. But time destroyed it and what it looks like today is the result of the major reconstruction and construction at the beginning of the 18th century. On the legend, this collection was built on the money that gave Richard the Lionheart. In the walls of the cathedral, you can see the polyptical work of Tician, which was created in the 16th century.
  • Briony. It's a natural miracle of Croatia, a unique group of small islands that settled near the western coast of Austria. Many of the islands have won the rank of the national parks of Croatia. On the largest islands of Brioni, several
  • The cozy villas and hotels where you can settle. For tourists who dream of privacy, such a vacation will become unforgettable. Recreation prices in these islands are oriented towards an elite audience with high income and needs.
  • Cornates. This place is called the masters of the natural landscape. If you're going to the tour of Croatia, you're going to be in these parts. This archipelago is especially beautiful from the height of avian flight. Cornats are the largest archipelago on the Adriatic Sea, which consists of a collection of painting islands.
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